Who Are You Really?

Recently I was asked to show the statistics and my research on Lucifarianism.  When I explained that accurate research is not shown within mainstream statistics because Lucifarians want to keep their processes hidden from public scrutiny, this person balked at my reply.

The question actually stunned me temporarily as I realized in the blink of an eye that this person didn’t know how to think for herself. Instead she recited what she learned, demanding I ‘Prove it’ in an attempt to maintain the status quo.

Lucifarianism is not a subject that people are encouraged to research nor acknowledged in formal education, as most are unaware of its existence, yet it impacts our society in a huge way. Where Love is a positive force, Lucifaranism is a destructive force. It is the intentional inversion of all systems from a natural to unnatural state; it is the destruction of decency, beauty and truth.  

For Lucifarianism to work, those who practice it must convince the masses that up is down, left is right, good is bad and bad is good. They distract people from seeing the truth by keeping people so busy with insignificant information or beliefs obscuring what is happening around them at any given time.

What is the missing link that prohibits some people from intuitively knowing what is true or not, and conversely what is right or wrong? Why are some individuals only capable of believing what their left-brain logic is telling them?

Why do some individuals choose over-intellectualizing without applying their intuition?

People who place more significance on their intellectual capacities have difficulty accessing their own emotions. They function in the left hemisphere of their brain. They will go as far as to suppress their emotions as if emotions are a negative aspect of being human. It is often difficult for them to understand what others express such as pain or joy making empathy and compassion difficult to emote. 

The world is upside down as witnessed in many systems that affect our every day lives.

  • We know the medical system is the leading cause of death in the USA yet it is not acknowledged as such.
  • We know the sun is really good for us, yet experts discourage us from enjoying the benefits, instead encouraging us to fear it.
  • We know glyphosates (GMOs) found in food are a form of poison, yet Health Canada refuses to classify it as such.
  • We know fluoride does not support healthy teeth, and in fact dumbs down the pineal gland (used to access our intuition and higher sensory perceptions) keeping people stupefied, yet it is still pumped through water systems in many major cities.
  • We know the legal system is not broken; it is corrupt, yet there has not been any meaningful attempt to correct it.

The very systems designed to benefit us work against us. Could the system itself function along the mandates of Lucifarianism?

Why do we blindly put faith in people and a system that on too many occasions gives out wrong or inaccurate information? At what point do we question if this is intentional? If it is not lack of intellectual capacity, could a lack of morality be at play?

Professional qualifications do not guarantee decency,

for that has to come from within

Morality and decency are human attributes that are displayed within one’s character. To my knowledge there are no Certifications or Degrees that will guarantee an individual as moral, decent, compassionate, kind, fair or caring.

People have to make a personal choice in which traits they aspire to—l will say this, it is beneficial to be able to see who aspires to which traits when deciding who is worthy of your time and effort.

The return to decency and morality is unfolding for some. We are starting to see whose behaviour is aligned with genuine compassion and care for self and others and whose does not. Being able to discern the integrity of a person will be helpful in deciding who we allow to lead our institutions, government agencies and be policy makers in the future.

There is a spiritual war happening all around us, and to create a strong spiritual house, we must build it on a solid moral foundation, and this brings us back to Lucifarianism.

If we can consciously know what makes a person decent, can we consciously know what traits makes a person dark spirited? Would some of those darker traits be greed, selfishness, deceptiveness, dishonesty, dismissiveness, manipulative or passive-aggressiveness? Lucifarians or dark spirited people encourage you to accept things that are not in your best interest by convincing you it is your right, that you are being denied the very thing that may harm you. They want you to betray yourself so you betray your soul, and said with conviction or repetition, people believe them. Those who lack discernment skills often fall for the narrative without checking internally if it is in alignment with their values or not.

The illusion called life is just that, a masterfully orchestrated manipulation to encourage people to harm themselves by following the expert advise or media personalities that continually tell them what to do, think, accept and reject. Lucifarianism is designed to control the thoughts, feelings and actions of others. Anyone even questioning the narrative is shamed with suggestions of mental illness or referenced as wearing tin foil hats.

There is a Great Awakening happening. People are following their intuition and asking more questions. As the cracks widen, we are starting to see who is capable of living from a perch of morality and integrity and who is not.

People who are not in touch with themself can easily be manipulated. They often are willing to jump on any distraction or cause that is presented to them. When one turns to others to define their beliefs, values and expectations, they adopt the morality of the ones they are turning to whether they are aware of it or not. This is how abuse structures are created to control the masses.

When We Adopt the Values of Others

We Limit Ourselves to Their Highest Potential

 Who are you really? If you can’t identify with your own values, how can you support someone else’s cause?

Healthy adults take responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions, and do not get duped by others.

If good and evil exist, ask yourself why there are no studies that outline what makes a person decent, kind or morale.  Maybe those in charge in academic circles and media don’t want the public to see decency and kindness are options.

The Great Divide between good and evil is unfolding before our very eyes. Only we can decide what side we are on. We can only do that when we know who we are, what we value and can articulate why it matters to us.

Chapter Two of Ending Global Loneliness, Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships titled, Safe People Live True to Their Values is all about remembering how to identify with what it means to be a safe person, how to reconnect to your own priorities and how to assure your values are not a program that you adopted along the way.

The process is outlined for you. What is not laid out for you is what your values and priorities are. That is completely up to you. I guarantee you will not be able to trick yourself into being something you are not as you work through this process; it is that well presented.

What values do you aspire to?

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We live in exciting times. As the confusion and darkness fall away, we can simultaneously reach for the stars and get back in touch with what is important to us.

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Be Well, Be Happy and Stay True to Yourself.