Sandy Glaze has a very intuitive and powerful way of guiding the client throughout the cleansing, transformation and growth process. I highly recommend her as a coach and a psychic healer.

Ana LM  Fine Artist Dec, 2019


This book provides the human race with the spiritual awakening we all needed! It is intense and thought provoking, with overtones of intense emotion allowing the reader to feel a true connection with Sandy Glaze, the author. A must read.

Kim I GP July 22, 2016


As an unpublished writer, I am witness to a compilation of material that leaves no stone unturned in a quest for truth, knowledge and the human condition. Sandy Glaze shares her life experiences to bring to light and understanding to readers like myself and just about any man or woman who chooses growth from the experiences of loneliness and isolation.

Most of us have been in and out of love throughout our lives and most of us have struggled with emotional overload and have easily given in to overreacting. Rather than hiding away on an island to numb ourselves of the pain and tears of learning to live harmoniously in relationships, Sandy offers us tools and strategies to help ourselves identify why life can feel like a battle and she helps us to regain our enthusiasm in living a life with purpose through understanding our own mistakes.

Sandy Glaze confronts a huge core problem of dissonance between head and heart and a society that has lost and confused values. Sandy offers a simple way out but the work to be done is with us, if we choose to grow up and be true adults.

As a male reader, I appreciate Sandy for sharing with me the “why and how” women are different than men; she does this at a much deeper level than I have ever given thought to and the subtle changes that I have adapted into my marriage relationship have already made a positive difference.

Congratulations Sandy Glaze for stepping up to start a conversation around your theme of “Ending Global Loneliness”.

Salvatore DeVitaB.P.H.E, B.Ed., O.C.T.


My boyfriend and I read this book together and it is a must read for anyone, no matter what stage of life you are in. It was truly enlightening and uplifting.

Through the concepts and insight provided by Sandy Glaze, my partner and I have a deeper understanding of one another and ourselves which has led to a more fulfilling relationship and life together.

This book is a must read for anyone wanting to awaken their soul and be at peace with themselves.


August 30, 2016