Sexual Polarity Creates Sexual Attraction in Couples

dreamstime_m_41918494Sexual polarity refers to the sexual attraction that creates the passion and the spark in romance. Without it, we have depolarized relationships, which resemble friendships at best. The only difference between a friendship between males and females who are intimate from relationships that are friendships in nature, is sex. So why wouldn’t we want to amplify our polarity and get the sparks flying again in romantic love? Why do we discount sexual polarity when we need it to keep the vibrational energy of romantic love alive and fun?

Hormones play a big role in our sexuality and how we see ourselves as men and women, and with the addition of so many estrogen enhancers in food and the everyday products we use, it is no wonder men aren’t always feeling the draw toward their masculine strengths.

Estrogen enhancers are used in laundry soaps, dish detergents, household cleaners, pesticides, hand sanitizers, soy products; you get the picture, through use of every day products and foods, we are feminizing men with added hormones. Personally, I’m a big believer in asking the question “Why.” Why would we do that? Does feminizing men contribute to the confusion men feel about themselves in modern day times? Are we trying to mold them into a shape that they aren’t meant to fit? Can men awaken to their divine masculine energy without feminizing them? Of course, but feeding them estrogen doesn’t feel like the way to do it. Humans are forms of energy—and that is further broken down into divine masculine and divine feminine energy. We are stronger in our true masculine and feminine essences. If that is the case, then why would we want to change men into women? Who benefits with all that confusion?

According to Therese Benedek  (“Psycho-Sexual Functions in Women”, The Ronald Press Company, 1952), our sexuality is the axis that our personalities organize around; meaning our personalities form around whether we are born male or female.  When we try to take the masculine out of the males and the feminine out of the females we lose our sexual polarity. It takes the fun out of the dance of creating romantic passion in our lives.

We need our men masculine, and why not, it’s their natural state of being. Men are always being told they need to be more sensitive, when sensitivity is one of the characteristics of divine masculine energy. The real problem is men are shamed when they show their sensitivity. Aggression and competition are other masculine states, and granted we do not need men displaying those traits in the home environment; they have their place when it comes to protecting society. Feeding men estrogen may take the ability to fight out of men—which would come in handy if you didn’t want men to stand up to you.

From what I have read Bruce Jenner took estrogen from as far back as the 80’s.  I couldn’t imagine him standing up and fighting if he was needed to as Caitlyn. I would venture a guess that by now, the so-called experts would know that feeding men estrogen is not really good for them.

So what can men do to reclaim their sense of masculinity?

  • Take your well-being back into your own hands. Have your testosterone checked by a naturopathic practitioner. Low testosterone leads to low sex drive and can be frustrating for a man and his partner.  Men and women are not happy when we are not connecting sexually through love and passion and this is contributing to global loneliness, so do your part by making sure your male hormones are at optimal levels. Learn more about male hormonal levels at
  • Work out. Lifting weights increases testosterone levels. Outside of a health problem, if you have not lifted weights in a while, get back into it. Lifting weights gets your blood and oxygen circulating which is good for your organs, gets your muscles toned, increases your feelings of self-worth and self-esteem and has a reverse effect on gravity. Increasing your testosterone is good for male libido and sense of self and falls under self-care.
  • Make a change in your cleaning and household products. Chemical and estrogen free cleansers can be found in most health food stores. Browse the isles and see what other types of products are also chemical and estrogen free that you can incorporate into your daily routine.
  • We were never meant to eat the amount of processed foods that we do. Switching to organic fruits and vegetables provide a natural food source that is hormone and pesticide free. Are there benefits to eating organic other that eliminating the addition of pesticides that are full of estrogen? Sure, eliminating synthetic estrogen from entering your body may go a long way toward feeling like yourself again. Talk to others who are on the same quest you are to eat healthier foods that are estrogen free and share tips with them. Synthetic estrogens are not good for women either and some women are starting to remove this from their diets as well.
  • When you share information about the importance of male hormonal health with the younger generation, you become a role model that they can turn to as they make their way through life.

Being masculine is a man’s natural state, so feel free to be in it. Don’t let additives to your foods and household cleaning supplies make you feel like you need to behave more feminine to fit in.

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