Lucky # 13: The Rise of the Divine Feminine

As an Energy and Personal Transformation Coach, I realized there are certain aspects about our human energy systems and our femininity that are not commonly known. When we understand how our energy flows, we can access more of our higher sensory perceptions, and that is what I would like to shine the light on as we explore the power in Lucky #13.

Contrary to what western science and biology would have us believe, humans are beings of energy, sound and light. Our body is made of light, sound and color and is not a genetic field as we were told. Even our atoms are not physical; they are energy vortices—and every atom is a vibrational field in of itself.

Human energy systems are electro-magnetic. They are either Masculine or Feminine. Every culture honours this knowledge with the exception of one. For whatever reason it is not acknowledged in western culture or western academia. The Asian culture gets it and refers to this energy coupling as Yang/masc or Yin/female. The Eastern Indian culture knows this energy as Shiva/male or Shakti/female. There are only two forms of energy, male and female, and they are designed to complement each other when operating efficiently as Mother Nature designed them.

To intimately know our energy systems, is to shine light on how to incorporate our full potential including our abilities that are invisible to the naked eye. We all have these wonderful abilities, the abilities of intuition, of being able to express our feelings, and of knowing things without explaining how, to name a few. These wonderful abilities are considered feminine in nature and they are here to help guide us in our physical reality. Our energy systems become balanced when we remember to include the power of our feminine energy. When we are in balance, we can express ourselves from higher emotional states of being such as love, compassion and kindness.

To know how to navigate our energy systems, is to realize the power Mother Nature has inherently built into our innate selves. This inherent wisdom includes knowing that numbers influence our reality and our decision making on a day-to-day basis.

Numbers, symbols and sounds reflect who we are and influence humans on a sub-conscious level. What is not so well known is how they influence us and to what degree.

Thirteen is the number that represents the Divine Feminine/Holy Mother energy and all the good she stands for. Divine feminine energy is symbolic of unconditional love, kindness, pleasure and happiness which then begs the questions:

  • “Why has the western society been programmed to believe number Thirteen represents the exact opposite of it’s true nature?”
  • “Why have we been led to believe #13 represents superstition and bad luck to the point we have been programmed to not only fear it, but often hate it?”
  • “Why have we been programmed to despise the very feminine essence of who we are on a sub-conscious level?”

#13 represents the creators of life. As we rebirth the divine feminine in ourselves, we honour the creator in all of us. The feminine is the Mother from which all life is born. Without her, there is no life on our planet. The feminine also represents the joy, the laughter, the creativity and the happiness so many people long to experience again.

Divine Feminine/Mother energy also represent abundance and being open to receiving all that is good in the world. By turning our backs on the power of the 13, we turn our backs on the power of real femininity, and in doing so, we turn our backs on receiving all that is good and abundant in life.

How did we let this superstition lead us so far astray? Was this superstition imposed on the people to have us work against our own best interests or to keep us from receiving bounty and all that is good in life?

So why the deception? Who has worked so hard to encourage so many people to fear and hate the number that represents the Divine Feminine/Mother energies?

While we attempt to improve our circumstances in a world that is growing more insane by the minute, we inadvertently sabotage ourselves by pushing away the very things we so dearly want to experience and express in life when we are not open to receiving in our feminine energy.

Nature is Divinely Designed

The divine feminine energy is the very essence of life. It is all around us and is expressed through our beloved Mother Nature. There are 13 moon cycles, and it is not surprising that the Earth’s moon is associated with feminine energy. As our planet is also considered feminine, nor is it surprising that our Earth provides all of us with what we need in life as she is the Mother to all of us.

There are thirteen, twenty-eight-day cycles in a year making the year three hundred and sixty-four days long. Thirteen, twenty-eight-day cycles is a much more harmonious approach to a yearly cycle than the up and down Gregorian calendar we currently use. If this were not the case, would they need to add an extra day every four years (Feb 29th) to balance a timeline that is out of sync with nature?

Our hearts were meant to beat with the rhythm of mother earth energies, so why have we strayed away from Nature?

 It is No Longer Acceptable to Suppress the Very Essence of Who We Are

As the divine feminine energy reclaims her rightful place on the planet, we can rest assured we will find other ways feminine energy has been suppressed. We can also remember we have the right to reverse that trend.

Humans have free will, and with it comes a new reality that we will no longer accept suppression of the Divine Feminine/Mother as we awaken to our true and divine nature of love, peace, harmony and compassion.

Part of the divine feminine is taking responsibility for ourselves. Yes, we must acknowledge the lesser energy in us that can be petty, manipulative, competitive or afraid. We must also acknowledge the aspects of ourselves that can be gullible and naïve, for divine feminine is none of those things. We can acknowledge them and release them without shame or guilt. We have been duped into being less than our best selves for too long. That was the old energy—there is no stopping the rise of the divine feminine—we are here to stay. When we no longer allow the lies and deception that has suppressed our divine feminine essence to maintain control over us, we will move ourselves forward to our rightful place on the planet.

The TRUTH will set us free. Nothing can keep us from remembering the divine, loving, nurturing aspects of our human selves if we choose to awaken it.

Embracing Your Femininity Will Enhance Your Life

To step into our true power and help restore the balance of masculine and feminine energy on the planet starts from within. Let’s do so with new respect for our divinely feminine selves.

As the community of women who know what it means to be divinely feminine grows, get back in touch with your divinely feminine attributes and write out what you love about your feminine aspects as you start to remember how divinely beautiful feminine energy really is.

If this post resonates with you and you are interested in helping restore the Divine Feminine aspects within humanity, email me at or share your ideas in the comment section below on how we can help rebirth the divine feminine energy in all of us.                                       

Visit us at to learn more about your personal energy systems and how to improve your energy flow.

Until then, take good care of yourself and others.



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