Has Your Calling in Life Found You?

Why We Are Here – Connecting With Our Purpose In Life

What Is the Relationship between Purpose and the Universe?

We are all born with intentions and inherent purposes, each and every one of us. Fulfilling our purpose in life is the reason we are on this planet; it’s the one obligation that we are here to meet. Even if it isn’t immediately clear, and we remain unaware of what it is until later in life, we are all born to serve a purpose.

At Relearning Life Coaching, we want you excited about your future, and for you to live your life to the fullest, that is what we want for you.By now you may have guessed that our real source of power is deep within us waiting to be awakened; it’s within our deep human nature that holds the key as to why we are here. We are put on this planet as powerful souls with powerful messages to share with the world.

Your life purpose might not always bring you joy, it’s about making a difference for everyone involved—our purpose matters. We are meant to express love and compassion for one another and to live our lives honourably for ourselves and for those around us.

When I say everyone has a purpose, on a larger scale, our collective human purposes are meant to co-exist with the purpose of every other person on the planet because that is the purpose of humanity: to love and to serve one another. How we go about uniting our collective purpose is up to us. It’s true what they say; we are one.

Regardless of what field of purpose resonates within us, purpose invariably serves one theme; purpose leads to the betterment of humanity. Humanity itself is purposeful and has a role to play that is capable of more than we are doing. It’s worth noting that superficial desires do not fall under the umbrella of purpose to any degree of success.

If you currently have a “job” but you aren’t ecstatic that you are making a difference in the world, you are probably not living your life with purpose. You may have a focus outside of your relationship, but it is not your purpose. That being said, some people find purpose through their volunteer efforts.

Finding our purpose in life is about exploring our inner desires, our dreams, and what calls us to action so we can live our life feeling fulfilled and complete, knowing we can make a difference by making a contribution to the world. Enlightenment as to our purpose is vital to living a fulfilling life. How do you go about giving your deepest gift of what you offer today? What is it that ignites your soul and puts a fire in your belly?

There tends to be three layers of purpose: your needs, community needs, and spiritual needs. Along this continuum, once our basic human needs are met, the community and spiritual needs will be more fulfilling.

It’s our purpose, values, and boundaries that all intertwine to create our inner foundation. With this foundation intact, we can be the best we can be.

For me, living a life of purpose is living a life where you are aligned on the inside and the outside with your mission, what you were meant to do. It also incorporates living your truth by living by your core values. It’s not about asking for perfection from yourself, it’s about aspiring to be your best. Quite often, it’s what we have experienced in our lives so far, the good and the bad, that lead us towards our purpose.

If you feel there is something missing in your life, you are probably right. Explore your sense of purpose, so you can live your life feeling fulfilled and make the world a better place for everyone.


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    • I’m glad you liked it! Finding our purpose is so important, I will have more posts to share shortly about purpose and the power of love!

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