The Power of Love

Do we discount the power of love in our relationships?




Love is as important to our psyche as food and water are to our bodies. If this is so, then why are men and women still struggling to get love right? Endless studies have been conducted on the topic of love, but how to love freely still eludes us. What link are we missing in understanding the power of love and why it is so important in our lives?

A major component of our personality is derived from our sexuality. Sharing needs of feeling loved and of feeling significant is a part of experiencing love. The differences in our male and female sexuality was created by nature in a way that was designed to complement each other, to keep things fun and interesting. It’s the differences between the sexes that make us appealing to the other. Instead of celebrating our differences, we keep them under wraps, often criticizing over embracing them.

Assimilating our sexes strips our sexuality from us. When we try to make the opposite sex be more like us, it neutralizes our sexual attraction instead of complementing our natural state of masculine or feminine energy.

If we all behaved like men or women, how long would it take before we are all bored with one another emotionally, intellectually, physically and sexually? Lack of understanding our natural attributes contribute to why we are getting love so wrong. Men and women are lonely, we are yearning for each other, so there is no better time than now to figure this out.

Some of our needs and wants register at the biological level, they are not controlled by our minds, love being one. Love is sourced in our hearts, it is a feeling, not a thought. Thinking about a feeling can leave us confused, especially when we over intellectualize.  How are men and women supposed to get love right if we aren’t versed in our basic love needs, where love is sourced for us, or the patterns of how we communicate with one another?

It is easy is to fall into the trap of focusing on how others impact us, while we neglect to look at how we impact those around us. Too often, when people share stories that involve their spouses, the conversation defaults to how disappointed one is by the other. Treating our relationships with a big dose of negativity can’t be inspiring for anyone. It helps to check in with yourself periodically to see if you are treating your relationship in a negative manner. Looking for what is right with each other instead of focusing on the negative contributes to a more loving world around us.

A short self-test can help you discern how you view both sexes. Create a list of 10 things you admire about men; then list 10 things about women that you absolutely adore. If the list is not easy to create, what can you do to expand your appreciation of both sexes?

How did you do? Do you spend more time looking for what is right with the opposite sex over what is wrong with them or are you inspired to look for the good?  It’s easy to fall into the blame game when we are looking for flaws, but by playing the honour each other game with the same enthusiasm, we can achieve different results.

Looking for positives over negatives makes us feel good and that influences how we show up in our relationships. I cannot imagine a society without either men or women; we need both, so let’s start getting love right.

So put a little heart into it. By bringing your awareness from your head into your heart, you shift the process from thinking to feeling. Love isn’t sourced in our brains, it radiates from our hearts. When we look at others through a positive lens, it is our hearts that light up. Love may be the missing component in creating a world where there is less conflict, more collaboration and deeper connection through love.

People are waking up to the power of love. By using heart intelligence, we change the energetic vibe in and around us. Be the change the world needs by knowing and appreciating what both our sexes offer each other. Think of the endless possibilities we can accomplish when we work together.

Share your comments below about how you feel appreciating both sexes can help restore love to the world.

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