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The Purpose of Addiction

Addiction is a form of personal management that numbs an individual’s emotional discomfort. Addictions serve a purpose; they medicate emotions. On the most part, addictions are usually developed when a person is unable to heal from some form of pain and suffering. It is usually people who have experienced a traumatic event who turn to addiction as a means of taking unpleasant feelings away. Unfortunately, when addictions numb out the feelings that make us feel bad, they also block out the feelings that make us feel good, including feelings of love.

Love is sorely missed in this world; it’s the lack of love that creates a sense of separation in us from the rest of the world. With the level of pain and suffering we are witnessing in North America today, is it any wonder that so many people are medicating and choosing addiction as a way to cope with their emotional pain?

Addictions are a ‘not so healthy’ way of coping where the individual numbs out their emotions with compulsive behavior or by altering their mood through chemical use such as drugs, alcohol, or both.

There are better ways than addiction to cope. Going for walks, spending time in nature, making art, writing, drawing, carpentry work, spending time with loved ones are all forms of creative expression, are good for us, and are a more positive way to express our feelings.

More and more people are recognizing the power of our emotional well-being. The goal of overcoming addictions is to be able to feel our feelings again; to feel feelings that were too painful to acknowledge in the past, and to make room for emotions that leave us feeling more positive in the present and future. I am not referring to getting over a feeling, but the ability to feel the feeling, release it, and move forward; of being able to enjoy your life while experiencing your emotions. To flow with your emotions, to let them come, stay with you and leave when you no longer feel it. It is how you manage your energy and your emotional states, including love. Love is inside of us waiting for us to bring it to life again. It is often by denying ourselves the feeling of love and connection that throws our energy into addictive patterns and that can have a negative spiraling effect on us.

In Power versus Force, Dr. David Hawkins wrote about conscious states of being. It’s the lower states of consciousness that we are trying to avoid with addiction. Based on his findings, I place addictions right in the middle on the scale of: Shame, guilt, fear, anger, addiction, awareness, love, consciousness and enlightenment. The same scale can be applied to our emotions.

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Re-Purpose Your Life

The New Year brings about a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate, re-purpose and re-establish what you want in your life. Out with the Old and In with the New provides us an inspiring message of hope and change. If change has been uncomfortable in the past, it can be scary to contemplate as we move forward into our future. For many of us, we have not been conditioned for change and without training, it is hard to do. Have we been conditioned to knuckle down and settle into life instead of revel in all that life has to offer us? Making change your new constant is a fantastic way to increase your creative flow as you consider what you would like to experience in your future. So ask yourself; “What do I want?”

Life is not linear—life is about experiencing cycles of growth, stagnation, death and rebirth, similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes. The phoenix is the spirit of the death and the rebirth. After a year like 2016, I’m sure many people are ready for a change and for a re-birth of future possibilities. The unknown is part of life, and for us to have hope, we need mystery. To know the future, would render life predictable and mundane. Endless changes are on the horizon when we are aware of new possibilities as we embrace change and the re-birth that comes from within.

Be open to change;

  • Visualizing your future helps, it helps with living aligned with what you want. Ask yourself “what if”, and right down whatever comes to mind. Be open to what you want to experience and feel in your future. Visualization also opens up the imagination. Be inspired to co-create your future life by dreaming about what you want to experience.
  • Commit your vision to paper; create a plan for yourself. What do you want your life to look like one year and five years from now? There are no guarantees in life, but with a plan you have a better chance of having the life you want providing you have included your life purpose in the planning. Creating this plan from the perspective of what you want to experience in your life over what you want to acquire allows you to embody the future experiences. If you could re-create your life, what would you be doing differently?
  • Look for like-minded people to see what they are doing to live their dreams. Observe what it is that they do so you can pick up some free lessons. Learn from them as you create the life that inspires you.
  • Get enthusiastic about life again. Take an inventory of what skills have you acquired so far that you can take into your future as you re-purpose your life.
  • Trust Yourself. Each of us has had different life experiences so far. Not everyone has the depth of experiences to draw on that you do—it is why it is important to trust yourself as only you can bring the lessons learned from those experiences forward. In doing so, it allows others to benefit from your knowledge.

Know that if you want things to change, you have to believe they can happen. Download the 1st chapter “Why We Are Here—Connecting with our Purpose in Life” of Ending Global Loneliness; Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships. It’s full of tips and perspective on how to find your purpose in life and how to go about living it.  Get a jump start on 2017 as you put the spark back into your life.

Let the old go as you build a life you love, by living your life with purpose.

Live Inspired!

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Unleash Your Potential; Re-align your enthusiasm for 2017


Ignite Your Spark!!

Have you ever noticed the level of enthusiasm and zest some people have for life; for them an endless supply of energy seems readily available. It is a joy to observe and uplifting to be around. They elevate the lives of the people around them without even trying and they share a common trait; they are all here to help others. They know who they are and what they are here to do; they have found their purpose in life, do what inspires them and they know how to command their energy; how to get themselves moving forward.

Being of service to others can help create enthusiasm for life and give us direction. It is a reason to feel good about ourselves. Helping others is the reason we are on the planet. We all meant to co-exist and we all have a unique way of going about it. What is your unique gift? How will you go about sharing your unique talents with others?

As the saying goes, “Without a plan, any road will get you there.” We all need a goal in life, a plan of action so we can share our talents, gifts and skills with the world. I’m not referring to the mundane financial goals; yes we all need to pay our bills, I’m referring to the goals that leave us inspired and motivated to be the best we can be.

Reaching the state of enthusiasm required to achieve our goals can be hard to do, let alone stay in for any length of time. What if we could change that? What if we could find a way into more enthusiasm and zest for life as we live true to our purpose?

Not everyone got the chance to learn the lessons on enthusiasm in life when we were growing up, and because of that, we suppress ourselves by not exploring what the ‘thing’ is that we truly want to do, let alone go after. Don’t let that hold you back. That ‘thing’ that inspires us to be enthusiastic for life, that spark that gives us our purpose and elevates our feelings of self-worth and confidence is important to our psyche. That ‘thing’ also gives us hope and a strong sense of self-respect. Elevating our feelings of self-worth creates an upward spiral of feeling positive about ourselves and life. It allows us to be proud of who we are; proud in a good way and it elevates the amount of personal energy we have.

So if you are feeling uninspired or less than enthused about life lately, look for ways that you can turn that around. If you are looking for fresh ways to feel inspired about finding your purpose in life; download Chapter One of Ending Global Loneliness; Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships. (“Why We Are Here—Connecting with our Purpose in Life.”) click here to receive your copy. Set aside some time and the curiosity to get in touch with what really inspires and moves you, to find the ‘thing’ that you know can help you live in awe of your own life and how you give to others.

How will you emerge in 2017? Make 2017 the year you unleash your potential, live more inspired and be enthusiastic about your future.

Ignite your spark; the spark that uplifts your enthusiasm as you remind yourself about what inspires you for 2017 and beyond.

 Unleash Your Potential!

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Honour your Boundaries

dreamstime_m_25752764There is a reason to honour our boundaries; our boundaries have our backs. By their very nature, they are here to protect us.

There is an energetic shift that is happening around the world. People are making changes as they are awakening to their true potential. They are exploring who they are and what they are here to do. This can make the people who are reluctant to make the changes, uncomfortable. Often this is when poor boundaries come to light.

Too often, when we are more than willing to change, because of others insecurities; they want to hold us back.

People have been conditioned to not like change. For some, it can be scary, confusing, and extremely uncomfortable to change. But when we aren’t changing, we aren’t growing. When we aren’t growing we can get stuck in old patterns and ways of doing things that no longer serve us; stuck doesn’t have a nice ring to it, does it?

I used to think that statements like this were harsh, then I realized every relationship we have, with the exception of the relationship we have with ourselves, involves another person. If the boundaries that are used between two people aren’t healthy, then all kinds of games and controlling behaviors can set in.

Know it’s okay to walk your own path—you don’t need permission to be who you are or to live your dreams as long as they don’t come at the expense of another.

Knowing our true human nature requires we know the natural intelligence’s of the universe. One of those natural intelligence’s is that nature abhors vacuums. If someone is holding you back either physically, emotionally or on a psychic level, know it’s okay to remove yourself from their company and allow good things to take their place.

Besides, by creating distance, you give the other person a chance to modify their behavior. This distance allows them the opportunity to create their own vacuum to fill, which can inspire them to make their own changes, if they feel it is warranted. The rule to remember here is that whatever one does, should not come at the expense of another.  Will the changes you want to make benefit society or people in some way? Does it include helping others and being of service? Asking yourself these questions can help align your intentions with your drive and is a winning strategy and a great way to propel you towards living your dreams.

Why not try it? Go for what you dream about, honour your boundaries if you need to, and create a vacuum by removing people who are not happy for you from your space. It is very liberating to do so. It isn’t cruel, it means you are respecting them enough to give them the space to find what will truly make them happy. If a persons energy is about trying to slow another down, it could be an indication that they are not happy with themselves.

Honour your boundaries and honour yourself. Set the bar so others can do the same for themselves.

I would love to hear your comments, so leave one below, or if you prefer, email me at and share your stories about how you effectively set and held boundaries when you needed to. Let’s be the change the world needs.

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