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The Healing Power of Human Touch


The Tummy Massage


It doesn’t seem to matter how old we are, we still can experience a first for everything and often when that happens, along comes the many questions that we start to ask ourselves.

I’m a firm believer in the healing power of the human touch and of massage therapy. Yesterday I had an absolutely wonderful massage and was introduced to a full “tummy massage.” At first I was thinking to myself, “this is odd” and once I got past the horrifying visual image my mind was conjuring up of jello being moved around, I relaxed into it, and it felt quite good. I could feel exactly where I was holding my accumulated tension, I could feel the strain, similar to any muscle that had developed blocks and had grown tight. Who knew, outside of holding food and water, that our stomachs could hold that much tension too?

What happens when we don’t give our emotions a chance to escape us, where do they go? When we don’t let our emotions escape us we have to store them somewhere, and that place is often at the cellular level, in our organs and our tissues, and they stay there like most other toxins in our bodies do until we realize that we either need to be free of them, or them of us, but one way or another, they need to go.

I believe fear, like all forms of trauma can lock itself into any parts of our body, and when you accompany fear with anxiety, it seems to settle in our tummies.  This makes sense, when we get a gut feeling, we usually feel that in our tummies, and over time, if not dealt with, this can build into tension. Let’s don’t forget gut wrenching, anyone who has had one of those experiences can recall that feeling too. You get the picture, our issues are in our tissues; that is, until we decide to do something about it and release them from within us. This doesn’t mean you have to be living in fear or with anxiety in your life now, it could easily have been built up over the years from past experiences and it’s just there waiting patiently for you to free it. Read More→

 Has Your Calling in Life Found You?

Why We Are Here – Connecting With Our Purpose In Life

What Is the Relationship between Purpose and the Universe?

We are all born with intentions and inherent purposes, each and every one of us. Fulfilling our purpose in life is the reason we are on this planet; it’s the one obligation that we are here to meet. Even if it isn’t immediately clear, and we remain unaware of what it is until later in life, we are all born to serve a purpose.

At Relearning Life Coaching, we want you excited about your future, and for you to live your life to the fullest, that is what we want for you.By now you may have guessed that our real source of power is deep within us waiting to be awakened; it’s within our deep human nature that holds the key as to why we are here. We are put on this planet as powerful souls with powerful messages to share with the world.

Your life purpose might not always bring you joy, it’s about making a difference for everyone involved—our purpose matters. We are meant to express love and compassion for one another and to live our lives honourably for ourselves and for those around us.

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Showing Up for Ourselves: The Importance of Nurturing Our Soul

Trusting ourselves is part of nurturing our soul. As we remember how to trust, we can nurture ourselves and those we love on a deeper level of meaning. There is so much beauty and wonderment waiting for us in life, when we know what signs to look for. As our souls awaken to their true purpose in life, we can move forward as we nurture ourselves and the people we love.

(Excerpt from Ending Global Loneliness; Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships)

Nurturing Your Soul

Emotions can motivate our behaviour and by numbing our feelings, we sunrise-feeling

try to protect ourselves by stopping our pain. Whether we chose to numb ourselves through compulsive behaviours, addictions, by zoning out on life, or by pushing others away doesn’t matter; denying ourselves the ability to feel deeply goes against the  practice of nurturing.

Unless we are consciously aware of what we are feeling, we can’t always determine the difference between pleasure and pain. So to numb our bad feelings meant we missed out on feeling our good ones too, and we need to nurture ourselves into feeling those good feelings. We are aware that in order not to feel, we held ourselves back from feeling deep love, and because we doubted ourselves, we looked to others for the answers about what was “wrong” with us as we adopted others’ rules and explanations as our own truth. We don’t do this anymore because trusting others over ourselves isn’t nurturing and it delivers a crushing blow to our sense of self-worth.

I classify nurturing as a state of being. It’s how we feel about being there for ourselves and for others; nurturing is what we do when we practice loving ourselves and others. Love is the most healing force we have as nothing runs deeper. Read More→

From Self-Doubt to Self-Esteem-When Love shines outwardly.

Am I enough?    

Landscape image of early morning light and mist.

When we want to make changes in our life, self-realization and awareness become part of the process. People rarely make major changes without it being a conscious decision. When we make changes, we need to understand the place we are at now because without getting a sense of where you are at in your life, you can’t identify with your new starting off point or your progress.

Loving and appreciating all of your good qualities can be hard enough, and if you aren’t used to doing it, it can feel uncomfortable; even selfish at first. But with a little practice, some perseverance and with your commitment you can lean towards self-love and self-esteem easily.

Fear comes in many forms, and it’s often fear of the unknown that will enter into our thoughts and hold us back. We forget that fear is a normal part of life, and because we don’t explore the role of fear, we don’t give fear it’s due. How do we understand what we are afraid of if we aren’t even sure of the purpose of fear? By recognizing fear for what it is, we can remember why we were given the emotion of fear in the first place. Fear is designed to protect us, it’s a defense mechanism designed to steer us away from physical and/or psychological danger. Often it’s our memory of past events that guides our choices and fear can make it difficult to discern whether a particular threat is perceived or real. It’s by being aware of fear if it comes into our lives and by examining what it is telling us; that we can be one with that emotion, so we can understand what it’s telling us, then release it. Read More→