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Everything in life involves change and when we deny change, we resist growth. Living a sedentary lifestyle is not how we were meant to live, and can cause complacency. Nothing stays the same forever; nor should we want it to. Everything has the ability to change. Humans have restricted ourselves to the benefits of change and in some cases humans have been conditioned to fear change.

Change is a constant in life and resisting doesn’t work. You cannot will yourself to stop change any more than you can will yourself to stop growing physically. Willing yourself to stay 3’5” because it was your comfort zone isn’t possible, yet we often try to restrict our emotional and conscious growth. Some things can’t be control and it can be liberating when we stop trying to. What could happen if we stopped trying to resist emotional and conscious growth? If we can’t stop our physical self from changing, why do we think we can stop our emotional and conscious selves from growing and evolving? There is no benefit when we deny ourselves from the experiences that will enrich our lives emotionally and consciously.

Life’s experiences are meant to be fun and are meant to help us grow emotionally and consciously. They are meant to challenge us as we enthusiastically move through life, for without experiencing life, we stagnate. We can all become courageous and reach beyond our comfort zones as we take affirmative action as we change. When you stop changing you retire from life—do it long enough and you can feel yourself decline over time.  Ask yourself how do you want to experience life. Being consciously aware means you feel and are present as you experience life.  Do you want to experience an easy life or do you want to experience meaning? Read More→

The Power of Love

Do we discount the power of love in our relationships?




Love is as important to our psyche as food and water are to our bodies. If this is so, then why are men and women still struggling to get love right? Endless studies have been conducted on the topic of love, but how to love freely still eludes us. What link are we missing in understanding the power of love and why it is so important in our lives?

A major component of our personality is derived from our sexuality. Sharing needs of feeling loved and of feeling significant is a part of experiencing love. The differences in our male and female sexuality was created by nature in a way that was designed to complement each other, to keep things fun and interesting. It’s the differences between the sexes that make us appealing to the other. Instead of celebrating our differences, we keep them under wraps, often criticizing over embracing them.

Assimilating our sexes strips our sexuality from us. When we try to make the opposite sex be more like us, it neutralizes our sexual attraction instead of complementing our natural state of masculine or feminine energy.

If we all behaved like men or women, how long would it take before we are all bored with one another emotionally, intellectually, physically and sexually? Lack of understanding our natural attributes contribute to why we are getting love so wrong. Men and women are lonely, we are yearning for each other, so there is no better time than now to figure this out.

Some of our needs and wants register at the biological level, they are not controlled by our minds, love being one. Love is sourced in our hearts, it is a feeling, not a thought. Thinking about a feeling can leave us confused, especially when we over intellectualize.  How are men and women supposed to get love right if we aren’t versed in our basic love needs, where love is sourced for us, or the patterns of how we communicate with one another?

It is easy is to fall into the trap of focusing on how others impact us, while we neglect to look at how we impact those around us. Too often, when people share stories that involve their spouses, the conversation defaults to how disappointed one is by the other. Treating our relationships with a big dose of negativity can’t be inspiring for anyone. It helps to check in with yourself periodically to see if you are treating your relationship in a negative manner. Looking for what is right with each other instead of focusing on the negative contributes to a more loving world around us.

A short self-test can help you discern how you view both sexes. Create a list of 10 things you admire about men; then list 10 things about women that you absolutely adore. If the list is not easy to create, what can you do to expand your appreciation of both sexes?

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The Purpose of Addiction

Addiction is a form of personal management that numbs an individual’s emotional discomfort. Addictions serve a purpose; they medicate emotions. On the most part, addictions are usually developed when a person is unable to heal from some form of pain and suffering. It is usually people who have experienced a traumatic event who turn to addiction as a means of taking unpleasant feelings away. Unfortunately, when addictions numb out the feelings that make us feel bad, they also block out the feelings that make us feel good, including feelings of love.

Love is sorely missed in this world; it’s the lack of love that creates a sense of separation in us from the rest of the world. With the level of pain and suffering we are witnessing in North America today, is it any wonder that so many people are medicating and choosing addiction as a way to cope with their emotional pain?

Addictions are a ‘not so healthy’ way of coping where the individual numbs out their emotions with compulsive behavior or by altering their mood through chemical use such as drugs, alcohol, or both.

There are better ways than addiction to cope. Going for walks, spending time in nature, making art, writing, drawing, carpentry work, spending time with loved ones are all forms of creative expression, are good for us, and are a more positive way to express our feelings.

More and more people are recognizing the power of our emotional well-being. The goal of overcoming addictions is to be able to feel our feelings again; to feel feelings that were too painful to acknowledge in the past, and to make room for emotions that leave us feeling more positive in the present and future. I am not referring to getting over a feeling, but the ability to feel the feeling, release it, and move forward; of being able to enjoy your life while experiencing your emotions. To flow with your emotions, to let them come, stay with you and leave when you no longer feel it. It is how you manage your energy and your emotional states, including love. Love is inside of us waiting for us to bring it to life again. It is often by denying ourselves the feeling of love and connection that throws our energy into addictive patterns and that can have a negative spiraling effect on us.

In Power versus Force, Dr. David Hawkins wrote about conscious states of being. It’s the lower states of consciousness that we are trying to avoid with addiction. Based on his findings, I place addictions right in the middle on the scale of: Shame, guilt, fear, anger, addiction, awareness, love, consciousness and enlightenment. The same scale can be applied to our emotions.

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Understanding Feminine Sexuality

Could women be the XY chromosome?img_0931



Have you noticed how some women are really confusing to be around? One minute they want to be treated as men (or what they refer to as equal) and the next minute they want to be treated with tenderness and be cared for. Has anyone ever asked why we do that? Could the key be in understanding our deep human nature as it pertains to feminine sexuality?

This blog is not about women wanting one more thing that men are perceived to have; it’s about discerning the truth about feminine sexuality.

What if everything we think we know about feminine sexuality is actually the exact opposite of the truth? What if information we are being taught, or taught to believe at least, is false?

Take the XY and XX chromosome for example. Given the fact that all the cells in our bodies are either male or female, it is easy enough to translate that and apply it to our human sexuality. XY and XX implies that one of the sexes identifies with both male and female energy and the other with only one energy, but they are not the same.

It is not common knowledge that women have two sex organs. The word “Clitoris” is French for “Petite penis” and “Vagina” is Latin for “Sheath for the sword” (fitting I know!). Our clitoris is considered our masculine sex organ and our vagina is considered our feminine sex organ; XY. What most people don’t know is how this information plays out for women in our day to day interactions.

This makes complete sense when I envision the beginning of humanity and the roles of our masculine and feminine selves. The males of our species were physically stronger and when they went out to hunt and war, the females had to step up at the home front and assume both roles; to protect the family and to be able to herd and nurture her young; ergo they could assume both the masculine and feminine roles and often their survival depended on them being able to think in a linear and logical fashion when required and emote when appropriate. Masculine is solid, feminine is motion; as in e-motion. Awakened women know this about ourselves, and when to be in either of our masculine or feminine energies. Un-awakened women have yet to figure this out.

Men on the other hand are stationary in their sexuality. They are the XX as identified as only having one sex organ (the penis). Although both men and women have the same emotions, it contributes to why it can be harder for some men to express their emotions; it generally is not what men do. Most men identify with their male sexual energy. When women are in their masculine energy, they aren’t cute and cuddly, nor do they want to talk about their emotions either. This isn’t personal; it is just the way it is.

A small percentage of men identify more strongly with their feminine sexual essence, but rarely do you see them going back and forth between their masculine and feminine energy-because they can’t. Males have the one sexual energy, and that energy is stationary. By being aware of this, it may take the pressure off of trying to bend themselves backwards to fit in and succumb to being what women tell them they should be. Men feel emotion in their own divine masculine way, just as women feel it in their own divine feminine way.

Being the XY allows women to operate in both our masculine and our feminine capacity, which is really cool, when we master this knowing. Women really do have all the power in relationships, at least we do when we know how to use it properly, but when we don’t know how to manage our own power it can be really confusing to be around. It is hard to be true to ourselves if we don’t know who we are at the core of our being. Rarely do we see men flop between masculine and feminine energies; they tend to be one or the other and there is nothing wrong with that, it is who they are.

If you are not sure if women are XY or the XX chromosome, decide for yourself—based on your own past experiences, who can more easily switch between being purposeful and driven one minute and wanting to be taken care or receive love the next? Who can shift their energy, behavior and mannerisms this fast, at the blink of an eye? In your observation is it the males or females?

Look to your own inner guidance for your answer. Females have certain patterns that indicate if we are in our masculine or feminine energy, it is simple to observe, once you know what to look for. Males have patterns as well, but that is a blog for another day.

Could this be the breakthrough that the world needs to help end the battle of the sexes and in ending global loneliness?

Does this make sense? Both men and women have the ability to intuit. What does your intuition tell you? Ever wonder with all the studies that have been undertaken about our human nature, how so many experts got feminine sexuality wrong?

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