Boundaries, Boundaries, Boundaries


When and how should we forgive?

Feminine energy is a life force within itself, we live for love. We want to feel love inside and all around us. All too often in our quest for love, we forgive others so we can maintain harmony in ourselves and the world around us at the behest of our own or others best interest. We forgive when others haven’t earned forgiveness. We gloss things over in the name of keeping the peace, when we should be calling out offside behaviour ensuring the well-being of all parties involved. Unconditional forgiveness and unconditional love are not the same thing. Expectations of unconditional forgiveness show up time and time again where boundaries and accountability are out the window.

All too often, we look at forgiveness as a one-sided arrangement, as if it is always our responsibility to forgive another. We assume forgiveness must be granted, all the while forgetting that forgiveness can be earned as well as granted. We are quick to forgive without allowing the offending party the right to earn the forgiveness themselves. We hurt another’s chance to create their own good karma when we rush them, when we forgive them before they have had a chance to review and take responsibility for their own behaviours. When we do this, we put love in harm’s way.

One way we can ensure that we give others a chance to create their own good karma is to give them time and space, time alone to reflect on their behaviour and re-evaluate where their rights stop, and the rights of others begin. When we do this, we can be gentle as we help to keep love safe by encouraging everyone to do their part in love. What we weren’t taught is that one of the best ways to ensure love is safe around us, is by maintaining boundaries-that is how we keep love safe, so love can flow freely and can create a ripple effect around us, and without chaos. Setting boundaries is an act of self-love.

When we allow for our own deeper awareness and higher consciousness, we allow others to explore their own boundaries and their greater sense of right or wrong. To do this the most effectively, it helps when we understand our own limits and expectations. As people who give love unconditionally, we learned to give our power away if we do not have a strong set of boundaries. It’s through acknowledging this, that we restore our power by establishing healthy boundaries; we have the ability to recognize and change that within us.

No one teaches us about this stuff called “us.” How do we define acceptable and unacceptable behaviours if we have never been taught boundaries? We create the opportunity now; we take a chance and teach ourselves how. We look inside at our own internal boundary system and we use that as our guide, where we can learn it on a deeper level. When we do this, when we can learn more about us, we can transform ourselves and we can transform the world. We have a choice as to the type of planet we live on; we can live in a healed planet, or we can live in a wounded planet.

We have the power to help shape the course of love by helping set the goal posts of healthy and unhealthy behaviours for us and those around us through the use of boundaries. When you know how to protect your heart, healing and love happens, and when we know how to do this, we can share it with others. When we share it with others, we can heal the world with unconditional love; unconditional love with boundaries.

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