Book Synopsis

A shift is happening around the world today, a shift so profound, it will affect the planet and it’s occupants for many years to come. It is a shift away from the pain and suffering brought on by senseless violence and the aversion to love, a shift back into our true human nature of compassion, love and helping one another.

This shift is an awakening to the truth of who we really are and the reason why we are on the planet. We are awakening as we remember how to love and support one another.

Shame, guilt and fear brought on by negative childhood experiences have held people down for so long and people are growing tired of feeling weary from it’s force, and instead are choosing to step out of it’s destructive path into a more peaceful way of living.

My book Ending Global Loneliness, Finding Purpose, Love and Dynamic Relationships offers practical solutions that combines higher consciousness, awareness and our instinctual wisdom. It is a practical, self-elevating and self-actualizing series of stepping stones to accelerate your awareness; it shows you how everything begins with you.

Get your copy today! This book will inspire and delight you as you find your way home to who you really are, where it is safe to love and serve one another, the way we were meant to all along.

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