Lucky # 13: The Rise of the Divine Feminine

As an Energy and Personal Transformation Coach, I realized there are certain aspects about our human energy systems and our femininity that are not commonly known. When we understand how our energy flows, we can access more of our higher sensory perceptions, and that is what I would like to shine the light on as we explore the power in Lucky #13.

Contrary to what western science and biology would have us believe, humans are beings of energy, sound and light. Our body is made of light, sound and color and is not a genetic field as we were told. Even our atoms are not physical; they are energy vortices—and every atom is a vibrational field in of itself.

Human energy systems are electro-magnetic. They are either Masculine or Feminine. Every culture honours this knowledge with the exception of one. For whatever reason it is not acknowledged in western culture or western academia. The Asian culture gets it and refers to this energy coupling as Yang/masc or Yin/female. The Eastern Indian culture knows this energy as Shiva/male or Shakti/female. There are only two forms of energy, male and female, and they are designed to complement each other when operating efficiently as Mother Nature designed them.

To intimately know our energy systems, is to shine light on how to incorporate our full potential including our abilities that are invisible to the naked eye. We all have these wonderful abilities, the abilities of intuition, of being able to express our feelings, and of knowing things without explaining how, to name a few. These wonderful abilities are considered feminine in nature and they are here to help guide us in our physical reality. Our energy systems become balanced when we remember to include the power of our feminine energy. When we are in balance, we can express ourselves from higher emotional states of being such as love, compassion and kindness.

To know how to navigate our energy systems, is to realize the power Mother Nature has inherently built into our innate selves. This inherent wisdom includes knowing that numbers influence our reality and our decision making on a day-to-day basis.

Numbers, symbols and sounds reflect who we are and influence humans on a sub-conscious level. What is not so well known is how they influence us and to what degree.

Thirteen is the number that represents the Divine Feminine/Holy Mother energy and all the good she stands for. Divine feminine energy is symbolic of unconditional love, kindness, pleasure and happiness which then begs the questions:

  • “Why has the western society been programmed to believe number Thirteen represents the exact opposite of it’s true nature?”
  • “Why have we been led to believe #13 represents superstition and bad luck to the point we have been programmed to not only fear it, but often hate it?”
  • “Why have we been programmed to despise the very feminine essence of who we are on a sub-conscious level?”

#13 represents the creators of life. As we rebirth the divine feminine in ourselves, we honour the creator in all of us. The feminine is the Mother from which all life is born. Without her, there is no life on our planet. The feminine also represents the joy, the laughter, the creativity and the happiness so many people long to experience again.

Divine Feminine/Mother energy also represent abundance and being open to receiving all that is good in the world. By turning our backs on the power of the 13, we turn our backs on the power of real femininity, and in doing so, we turn our backs on receiving all that is good and abundant in life.

How did we let this superstition lead us so far astray? Was this superstition imposed on the people to have us work against our own best interests or to keep us from receiving bounty and all that is good in life?

So why the deception? Who has worked so hard to encourage so many people to fear and hate the number that represents the Divine Feminine/Mother energies?

While we attempt to improve our circumstances in a world that is growing more insane by the minute, we inadvertently sabotage ourselves by pushing away the very things we so dearly want to experience and express in life when we are not open to receiving in our feminine energy.

Nature is Divinely Designed

The divine feminine energy is the very essence of life. It is all around us and is expressed through our beloved Mother Nature. There are 13 moon cycles, and it is not surprising that the Earth’s moon is associated with feminine energy. As our planet is also considered feminine, nor is it surprising that our Earth provides all of us with what we need in life as she is the Mother to all of us.

There are thirteen, twenty-eight-day cycles in a year making the year three hundred and sixty-four days long. Thirteen, twenty-eight-day cycles is a much more harmonious approach to a yearly cycle than the up and down Gregorian calendar we currently use. If this were not the case, would they need to add an extra day every four years (Feb 29th) to balance a timeline that is out of sync with nature?

Our hearts were meant to beat with the rhythm of mother earth energies, so why have we strayed away from Nature?

 It is No Longer Acceptable to Suppress the Very Essence of Who We Are

As the divine feminine energy reclaims her rightful place on the planet, we can rest assured we will find other ways feminine energy has been suppressed. We can also remember we have the right to reverse that trend.

Humans have free will, and with it comes a new reality that we will no longer accept suppression of the Divine Feminine/Mother as we awaken to our true and divine nature of love, peace, harmony and compassion.

Part of the divine feminine is taking responsibility for ourselves. Yes, we must acknowledge the lesser energy in us that can be petty, manipulative, competitive or afraid. We must also acknowledge the aspects of ourselves that can be gullible and naïve, for divine feminine is none of those things. We can acknowledge them and release them without shame or guilt. We have been duped into being less than our best selves for too long. That was the old energy—there is no stopping the rise of the divine feminine—we are here to stay. When we no longer allow the lies and deception that has suppressed our divine feminine essence to maintain control over us, we will move ourselves forward to our rightful place on the planet.

The TRUTH will set us free. Nothing can keep us from remembering the divine, loving, nurturing aspects of our human selves if we choose to awaken it.

Embracing Your Femininity Will Enhance Your Life

To step into our true power and help restore the balance of masculine and feminine energy on the planet starts from within. Let’s do so with new respect for our divinely feminine selves.

As the community of women who know what it means to be divinely feminine grows, get back in touch with your divinely feminine attributes and write out what you love about your feminine aspects as you start to remember how divinely beautiful feminine energy really is.

If this post resonates with you and you are interested in helping restore the Divine Feminine aspects within humanity, email me at or share your ideas in the comment section below on how we can help rebirth the divine feminine energy in all of us.                                       

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Until then, take good care of yourself and others.


Oath ~ Do No Harm (for people who work with children of all ages)

The Quality of Life for all People is Dependent upon the Quality of Our Society

Protecting children from maltreatment must become a priority or our society will continue our descent toward creating unhealthy, unbalanced, fear driven generations who are left without the life skills or know how to lead a good life.

School, social media, religion, care homes and society in general have become a battlefield in recent years causing great concern for individuals tasked with promoting the well-being of children whether they be teachers, religious leaders, parents or students themselves.

With the diverse culture in our society, it is still possible to achieve a code of conduct that survives the test of diversity if it is designed in a way that everyone can benefit through adherence to policies. For this environment to be truly effective, guidelines must be established and apply to everyone, for if they don’t apply to everyone, they apply to no one.

When we recognize the importance of everyone, we can co-exist in an environment when we know that all persons are valued equally.

Creating win-win solutions allows for an exceptional environment that promotes education, inspiration, safety and above all else, integrity. It is from the spirit of integrity that we can protect all people who are connected to these facilities regardless of their position in the system.

For many reasons there is concern that components of our society need to be addressed, modified and rewritten to reflect the truth about our human nature. When we have a better understanding of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical needs, we can guide younger generations to aspire to grow into being the best version of them self.

As new guidelines are being developed, rewritten and put in place, we can remain true to our values to help everyone come from a place of integrity. With the empowerment of integrity, we can create environments which elevates everyone’s self esteem and sense of confidence. When we anchor our intentions with integrity, it strengthens our inner core helping people to thrive to their maximum potential.

For the individuals who work with children there are basic caveats to guide you such as:

  • Always have the best intention for the person(s) you are working with as your primary objective
  • Stay true to yourself and your integrity
  • Always come from a place of truth
  • Encourage self-development and growth when appropriate
  • Remove yourself if you are in conflict of interest
  • Above all else, Do No Harm

In knowing your intentions are for the highest good for all parties involved, we can also outline what behaviors are not to be embarked upon.

Negative environments can affect anyone, and because children in particular are impressionable, they can spiral downwards if exposed to it for a short or a prolonged period of time. This can have detrimental and long term effects on them making it more difficult to participate in, enjoy and feel inspired in life.

Children model after adults. Emotionally well-adjusted adults are what children need to guide them and protect them until they are mature enough and able to make healthy decisions for themselves. Children need adults to look out for their well-being, not only the adults in their immediate family, but the adults they come across at various junctures in their lives through various organizations and associations.

Emotionally well-adjusted adults consider the consequences their actions and behaviours will have on the child five, ten and even fifteen years down the road before they undertake them, where non-emotionally adjusted adults don’t have the skills to discern the difference.

The following are specific behaviors to avoid as they can cause incredible harm to a developing child.

Harmful Behaviours

Physical abuse

Physical abuse includes all acts by a caregiver, or another person (including another child, teacher, coach, clergy or person who has access to the child) which results in the physical harm to the child.

  • It may be the result of physical abuse or the result of inappropriate or excessive discipline regardless of the intent by the person inflicting the abuse.
  • It is irrelevant whether the injury to the child is considered minor or major; the responsibility and accountability fall to the person inflicting the abuse.


  • hurting a child to control their behaviour
  • deliberate or not; use of physical punishment resulting in injury  whether marks are left on the child or not
  • physical injury that occurs resulting from lack of care or supervision by the caregiver or an adult/older child
  • excessive tickling
  • physical injury resulting from shaken infant syndrome
  • whiplash

Intellectual Abuse

Intellectual Abuse involves the interfering with or impairing the reasoning skills of a child, which alters a child’s ability to discern and use proper judgement to form opinions and to distinguish between truth and lies.

These behaviours include but are not limited to

  • manipulation of the child’s thoughts so the child will draw a conclusion that the controller wants them to believe.
  • telling lies to a child with the intention of having the child believe those lies are a reality.
  • threatening a child, with the intent of having the child behave a certain way for the benefit of the person doing the threatening.
  • not taking a child’s concerns seriously when they tell you of incidents of bullying or abuse.
  • Telling children to resolve their own issues when they are being bullied by another child.
  • manipulating the people around the child with the intent of interfering with the child’s intellectual environment.

Sexual Abuse

For the most part, child sexual abuse involves a person who has power or influence over a child. This power can stem from that person’s authority, age, intellectual or physical development, relationship, authority or power over, or dependence with the child. It can include age or predatory nature of another child or adult who encourages or forces a child into sexual activities.

Sexual abuse encompasses any sexual activity with a child, including but not limited to

  • fondling
  • genital stimulation
  • oral sex
  • grinding your genitals up against a child under the pretense of giving a body hug or otherwise
  • using fingers, penis, or objects for vaginal or anal penetration
  • touching a child in a sexual way
  • promoting or demanding unsafe sex
  • kissing inappropriately
  • using a child for their own sexual gratification, exploitation, or for financial or other gain (payment for drugs or debts)
  • forcing or encouraging a child to touch another adult/child in a sexual way
  • forcing or encouraging a child to touch him/herself for another person’s gratification
  • masturbating in front of a child or forcing/coercing/encouraging them to masturbate themselves with or without the intent of having the child achieve orgasm
  • rape, either vaginal or anal
  • voyeurism
  • sexual dialogue with or in front of children
  • inappropriate displays of sexual expression in front of children
  • forcing or encouraging a child to participate in pornography or prostitution
  • sexual comments directed to or about a child encouraging others to be offside with the child (e.g. “Look everyone, little _______, is developing breasts”)
  • male or female genital mutilation or threat of

Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is a pattern of overt or covert behaviour directed towards a child with a goal of controlling or reducing the esteem of the child. Understanding there is a consequence for everything we do and say is a great reminder of how powerful our words and actions are.

These behaviours include but are not limited to:

  • a pattern of attacking a child’s sense of worth and/or emotional development
  • criticizing a child’s actions, looks, feelings, dress, etc.
  • belittling a child
  • threatening: “If you don’t conform….”
  • threatening a child’s loved one(s) or family, if a child does not behave a certain way
  • teasing
  • humiliating

Spiritual Abuse

There are many different viewpoints regarding spirituality and what it means. There are believers and non-believers that our spirituality is a part of the human condition. As there seems to be gravitation toward spirituality again, it is timely to examine the merits of it. Although everyone has the right to decide for them self what is right for them, for the believers, spirituality contributes to our sense of wholeness. Spirituality and religion can be, but are not necessarily inclusive.

Some religious organizations advocate for marriage with girls under age 18. For many, and rightly so, this is considered abuse because most 18-year-old girls are not mature enough to choose a mate for themselves wisely. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could act in the best interest of the children when it comes to human sexuality?

For many, our spirituality involves our feeling of wholeness and our connectedness to our own sense of inner and divine guidance. It is the integration of the mind, body and soul within itself and with our connection to all that is around us. It also influences how we interact within the world around us including our relationship with nature. It also involves believing in a power or force that is greater than our individual, physical selves. This power goes by many names depending on your belief. Source, source of energy, spirit, universe, God, Allah, and Creator are some of the more common terms used. For many, the above words are synonymous with all encompassing, unconditional love and are sourced in divinity. Spirituality is all encompassing and involves how we express who we are with others and in the environment around us. It is what unites us as one.

For many, spirituality is found by turning to their own intuition, inner wisdom, and higher consciousness for divine guidance. This can be achieved either through prayer, meditation and various practices in energy work. Some people prefer to use a combination of both inner guidance (prayer and meditation), and outer reinforcement (from religious/spiritual groups) to enhance their spiritual connection. Spending time alone in quiet contemplation, in prayer or in meditation is a gentle way to reacquaint yourself with your spiritual practices.

Deeper meaning in life cannot be found through intellect alone. To experience deeper meaning in life, one must look within. Spirituality can help facilitate deeper appreciation when you encompass all aspects of your inner self. It is by mastering our inner world that we find true meaning of life.

Accessing our spirituality requires we spend time alone to cultivate our ability to use our inner divine guidance as we process the choices that are presented to us in life.

Inward reflection can be encouraged in children at an early age. By encouraging them to spend time alone with their own thoughts, feelings, inner awareness, hobbies, creative interests and to connect with nature prepares them to turn to their own intuition later in life as they go about establishing their priorities and choices. Creative expression and passion can also develop into a life purpose as they mature and can be the foundation they use to build a relationship with themselves.

Developing the ability to turn to your own inner guidance is instrumental in being able to learn to trust your own judgment as one matures into adulthood. To grow up guided by one’s principles requires preparation and an examination of one’s priorities and values. As one learns to trust their own guidance, it will help them as they are faced with life’s situations, and the subsequent actions they take based on their decisions.

~ ~ ~

I hope you have found the tips in this ‘Oath’ helpful. Most people want to provide an environment of safety on all fronts for all members of society.

Knowing what not to do as you interact with others is as important as getting it right. Knowing this can provide everyone with confidence as they interact with others and it goes a long way in creating trust in the areas that service our youth. By knowing both what to do and what not to do and why, you create an environment where everyone is, and does, feel safe.

If we want to effect positive change, it helps to stop repeating the same patterns of communicating and interacting especially if they have created problems for us in the past. If we don’t make those changes in our communication patterns and how we interact with others, it makes it difficult to expect anything to change around us for the better.

By reviewing our communication patterns and our intentions, issues can be addressed and redirected, and can better reflect the needs of all of society’s members.

As a model for best practices, I, (name)___________________am aligned with the above oath and pledge to follow the guidelines as prescribed as they are in the best interest of children while in my care.

If you know of anyone person, group or organization interested in having and following the best of intentions to protect children through taking the ‘Oath To Do No Harm,’ they can contact us through our website at

©Sandy Glaze 2018 All rights reserved

The above Oath is provided by Sandy Glaze. Sandy Glaze is a Personal Transformational Coach who specializes in self-development and interpersonal relationships. She is a Certified Strategic Intervention and an Advanced Relationship Coach, published author and speaker.

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De-Mystifying Principles of Masculine & Feminine Energy

With so much confusion surrounding the subject of gender, it helps to refresh our memory as to the function of gender, both as individuals and in how we express ourselves in the collective.

Many of us are waking up to realize we are being thwarted with misinformation by media, entertainment, false education, the medical community, science and politics whose agenda seems to be to distract people as to our true potential. The truth of the matter is we all have it in us to be amazing people—every one of us.

With all that external noise beckoning for attention, it is easy to overlook our biggest inner strength; our ability to trust in our own discernment when it comes to our ability to decide for ourselves what is right and good for us.

Trusting Others Instead of Yourself is a Fast Track to Getting Lead Astray

As a society, we have been convinced we need experts to tell us how to live our lives, when what we really need is to trust ourselves. The outsourcing of knowing what is in our own best interests has created an inner lack of confidence and self-doubt resulting in fear of not being worthy of living a good life.

It is been proven on many fronts, that our environment is what shapes our reality. A culture based on survival of the fittest congers up images of Lord of The Flies, but in reality, life doesn’t have to be that harsh. We have been led to believe that dog eat dog is the way to be human and as we can clearly see with the chaos in our society, that is not working. Right now, our environment is in dire need of some tender, loving care.

Western society is in a negative downward spiral. Where ever we turn, entertainment is encouraging people of all ages to demean and demoralize our self to the amusement of the very few. Our choices come with consequences for our self and often others. Self-demoralization creates very low feelings of self-worth.

Is It Any Wonder So Many People Suffer From Depression and Anxiety?

We can change the negative downward spiral to a positive upward spiral by looking at the good inside us.

One of the secrets to creating a positive upward spiralling energy is to understand how balancing our masculine and feminine energy helps us align with our highest potential. It is when we come from our highest potential that we are most truly aligned with who we are.

It All Starts Within

To get a better understanding of how our masculine and feminine traits work together, we look at the energy systems in our body. There is a reason we have two hemispheres in our brain (one half male the other half female). In the past one hundred and fifty years, western education counted on intellect alone to base decisions of great importance. Intellect on its own has no soul; it is heartless, cold and calculating because it cannot feel. Over intellectualizing has even been known to distort the simplest of concepts from resembling the truth.  That is not the way of the future. Intellect alone is not capable of love or feeling for self or others. Overthinking has proven time and again not to produce results that are balanced, coherent or even logical. We were meant to utilize both our intellectual abilities coupled with our creative and conceptual inspirations (female aspect). It is when our inspirations come from our hearts first we get the best from our self. When our creative and productive aspects work together, we can produce optimal results and live life with balance and harmony both internally and externally.

While intellect is a masculine trait, feeling is associated with our softer, more feminine aspects and we all have both. Before staking claim at being angry with the opposite sex, check to see if you like all aspects of yourself. Knowing how to integrate our heart energy with our ability to think critically, allows us to re-evaluate how we have been encouraged to ‘Do Life.’ 

We Lose Out When We Do Not Know How to Harness Our Energy

Mainstream science would have us believe we are genetic beings, when in reality; it is our energy systems that sustain us. This truth has been well documented in Eastern Medicine, yet ignored by Western Academia. Our internal systems, organs and glands are either masculine or feminine and are what gives us life force.

Energy Is Everything

We all have masculine and feminine energy in us. Most people tend to have more attributes that are aligned with their biological sex then the biological sex they were not born into. To simplify, we are made up of Electro-Magnetic energy. That energy is what fuels us. The electro is masculine/yang energy and the magnetic is feminine/yin energy. The polarity between the sexes serves a purpose as it allows the attraction and unification between male and female sexual energy to take place.

This concept is not going to change on a whim, wing or wish of educators or scientists who overthink and overcomplicate our humanness. Hopefully they are attempting to modernize their outdated models and catch up with the awakening times.

We Are Powerful Beyond Belief when We Learn to Master  Our Inner Masculine and Feminine Energies

This chart outlines various characteristics of masculine and feminine energy in both our positive and not so positive traits. It is a fantastic tool to allow individuals to self-assess what character traits they aspire to and what behaviors are, or are not, acceptable to them. This opens the door for greater self-responsibility and personal growth.

We choose how we show up every day for ourselves and others. Which traits do you relate to more, the masculine or the feminine? Are there traits are you innately strong in? There is no right or wrong answer or amount of either that is correct for everyone. The idea is that you want to be well versed and able to function with both. This is not designed to create self-judgement, only recognizing the strength within. If you see an attribute in yourself you don’t like, outgrow it. No one aspires to be a jerk; it’s not natural, instead, aspire to your strengths. When we come from our higher selves, we embrace both higher masculine and feminine qualities.

A Consciousness Awakening is Happening on this Planet

There is much change happening on the planet as we see the outdated systems around us collapsing. How will we participate? Will we come from our best self or our worst possible traits? We all have free choice in the matter. The beauty in being human is we can choose to come from our higher masculine and feminine principles or from our lower ones.

People no longer have to follow the lead of media, entertainment, false education, the medical community, science or the political antics that promote mindless or amoral existence.

Take Your Power Back

This is how we change the world; we change it from the inside out. You will know when you are inspired to change when it happens to you as you will feel lighter and relieved in some way.

Join the growing number of people who are waking up and remembering that anything is possible when we are consciously aware of how we can command our energy to spiral in the direction we want in life.  

We are powerful beyond belief when we learn to master our inner Masculine and Feminine Energies                                                                       

We live in exciting times—a time where we can explore who we really are as we experience the changes in the world. Start to question what you have been led to believe about yourself. As much new information is coming to light about our true human potential, please only take what works for you at this time and leave the rest.

From my heart to yours,


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Releasing Shame

Emotional wellness plays such an important role in our overall well-being and is often overlooked in terms of energetic significance.  Much research is being directed to understanding the role of our emotional energy and how it affects our very lives.

Because science has long taught us to rely on what we can see and touch, we often overlook our thoughts, emotions and spirit as being capable of generating frequencies that affect us. Everything in the universe has a frequency and vibrates according to that frequency, including our emotional state.  

Dr. David Hawkins, MD, PhD, was a forerunner in understanding how to measure our energy using applied kinesiology techniques and frequency and how our emotional states ‘measure up’ in his book Power vs Force.

Frequency is defined as a measurable rate of electrical energy that is constant between any two points. When there is frequency, there is a potential for electromagnetic current.   

On the above chart we see measured emotional states and how some emotions leave us feeling drained and while others leave us feeling expanded.

Dr. Hawkins measured various emotional expressions from the highest (enlightenment) to the lowest (shame) and many states in between. His work is fascinating and easy to comprehend. Higher frequencies radiate a beneficial and healing effect on the world, and points out the states to avoid as shame, guilt, apathy, fear, grief and pride. States that leave a person feeling uplifted are courage, acceptance, reason, love, joy and peace.

Many of life’s experiences can leave a person feeling the energy of the lower expressions. It may not be the fault of the person who is feeling the lower expressions, but it is their responsibility to find ways to elevate and restore their frequency.

To be able to understand how powerful our emotional states influence our frequency, it helps to understand how our physical body measures up. The normal range for a human physical body measures between 62 and 78 Hz. Colds and disease begins at 58 Hz, flu like symptoms begin at 57Hz, candida at 55Hz and cancer at 42Hz. Death results at 25Hz. Is it any wonder that shame registers even lower than physical death at 20Hz and is considered the most toxic of all the emotions followed closely by guilt.

Shame and guilt go hand-in-hand and overtime can bring a person’s state of wellness down. Shame is an inherently human emotion, but there is a time, a place and a limit for shame. Good shame tells us when we are doing something that goes against our values or when we are being inappropriate with someone else. It allows us to discern when we are harming another. By understanding good shame, we can have mutually beneficial and intimate relationships with others by not exceeding our boundaries.

Shame is the most soul-destroying emotion we have. The hormone that combats shame is oxytocin, the love hormone.

People who have been hurt, abused or sexually assaulted often experience an incredible amount of shame. Shame can be brought on by another person through violations of love; and sexual assault is the most intimate form of violence a person can impose on another. To know this can help the person who is feeling the shame move away from it and into the higher states of being. Once they realize how toxic shame affects their body, mind and soul they can take measures to release shame.

I hope this short introduction on our emotional states of being, in particular shame, illustrates how shame is detrimental to our overall well-being. If at any time someone is feeling chronic shame, addressing and releasing it can prevent it from manifesting into physical symptoms.

We should never feel ashamed about who we are. Sometimes shame is used by people who project it onto others whom they want to control their actions, thoughts or behaviors. Be aware if others are using shame or guilt to control your thoughts, emotions or beliefs, and become consciously aware of what emotions you are feeling at any given time.

Energy is Everything

Releasing toxic emotions are a great way to help elevate your frequency and improve your sense of well-being. Within the range above, what emotional state would you like to feel and be in more often?

If you would like to discuss various techniques to eliminate and reduce shame to elevate your frequency, contact us at are happy to help get your energy flowing more freely again.

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