Meet Sandy

Sandy Glaze - Relearning Life Coaching

Sandy Glaze was born in Ontario, Canada where she currently resides. She has enjoyed an extensive career as a financial advisor. Throughout her career and in her personal life she has had the privilege of being invited into the hearts and home of many, offering a listening ear and a safe haven for people to talk as they shared their dreams, their goals, their obsessions, and the obstacles they faced while striving to achieve them.

With her unique style, Sandy has often being referred to as a confidant, a listener, a coach, a safe person, and a fan, endearing her place in the hearts of many.

It’s her inquisitive spirit that has inspired her to explore our deepest human nature. It’s through her vast experiences coaching families and friends coupled with the countless hours exploring love’s true purpose that she offers an eye-opening view of love and life as she takes us deeper into love’s true meaning and the obstacles love faces. It’s through her eyes and reflective lens that she shares her findings with you.

Sandy gained invaluable insight and deeper awareness through extensive conferences, seminars, and programs in Strategic Intervention training. She is a certified Strategic Intervention and Advanced Relationship Coach and she has created her own unique platform to share her work and her perspective.

She offers self-help programs, and individual coaching sessions pertaining to healing, emotional and sexual maturity, finding purpose in life, self-love, love, feminine sexuality, dynamic relationships, and the synergy between divine masculine and feminine energy.

Her passions include the great outdoors, hiking, kayaking, gardening, writing, and ending global loneliness.


~Ending Global Loneliness~Helping People Align with the Change They Want to See!